• Global 9

    Global 9 is the first portion of a two-year course based on World History including cultures, religions and much more! The course is based on four larger units, but I break it down into fourteen different units with multiple different learning opportunities, assignments and projects to ensure students achieve to their best ability. These larger units are "The First Civilizations, Classical Societies, An Age of Expanding Connections, and Global Interactions." 

    The key to Global 9 is setting students up for success in Global 10 which is exactly why I run both classes the exact same, with obvious different content. I tell my students at the beginning of this course that by the end of the year, they should be able to pass the Global 10 regents exam, just by knowing the skills it takes to pass the exam. This is why most units, there are regents questions filled with stimulus-based questions, constructed response questions and enduring issue essays. The class has both a midterm and a final exam that are cumulative and are developed parallel to the regents exam. 

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