COVID-19 Information

    UPDATES for Sunday, March 29th

    Good evening ECS Community.

    As per Governor Cuomo’s latest Declaration of Emergency, the school will remain closed until April 15.

    During this time, students should continue to work on the packets that were provided last week. 

    The school will continue to provide meals for families that would like them.  However, we are going to be switching to a three day per week plan starting tomorrow, Monday, March 30th.  Meal packages on Monday and Wednesday will contain Tuesdays’ and Thursdays’ meals respectively.  If your family is currently not receiving meals and you would like them, please register via the lnk below or by calling Mrs. Williams directly at 699-2318 extension 1403.

    Need to Contact the School?

    Ellicottville Central School has set up a direct number where you can call and leave messages while the school is closed due to COVID-19.  Calling this direct number will ensure that your message is received, as only essential staff will be at the school during the closure.  Messages will be checked daily on weekdays.  Please leave a short message of why you are calling, your name and your number.  Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

     This direct number to leave a message is 716-699-6052.


    NEW! ECS March 25 Delivery Details

    March 20, 2020

    Dear Ellicottville Central School Community,

    I’m writing this letter to share important information about how we are addressing the COVID-19 situation.  Staying current with this is proving to be very difficult, as the guidance being provided to schools is changing daily, and, at times, hourly. 

    Please know that the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff and community continues to be our #1 priority.  This is why we have secured the building and allowed just a very limited number of people access.  While access is limited, we do have essential staff working to put together meals, instructional materials, and supplies for your children.

     Currently, our “meal plan” is under way and serving students Monday through Friday.  These meals are being provided free to all ECS students.  If your child / children are not currently receiving meals and you would like them, there are two ways to register for this:

    • You can register via the District webpage: ellicottvillecentral .com.  The link is right on the front page “Registration for Meal Service During School Closure.”  This registration form works with both computers and smartphones.
    • You can call Mrs. Williams at 699-2316 extension 1403. When leaving a message, please be sure to clearly state your name, the number of meals you need and a number where you can be reached during the day.  If you require delivery of the meals, please let Mrs. Williams know that as well.

     We are also busy assembling instructional materials that will be sent home either next Tuesday or Wednesday (a robo-call will be made next week to verify the day).  In general:

    • Students in grades PreK-6 will be receiving packets with “paper” materials.
    • Students in grades 7 – 12 will receive a USB memory stick that will contain all work for grades 7-12. Students will need to locate the materials they need on these memory sticks.  Providing memory sticks in this matter eliminates the need to try and distribute them by grade-level. 
    • We have looked throughout the building for laptops for 7-12 grade students that were left on campus. We have several and we are in the process of sanitizing them so that they can be distributed next week with all other work.  Please do not come to the school sooner to pick these up.
    • We are NOT looking for you (parents) to teach new instructional materials. All work will be review, supplemental or enrichment.  Our goal is to keep students engaged in learning and maintain the skills/knowledge they have learned so far this year.  We will resume instruction of new material when students return to school.
    • Students will not be graded on the work they complete at home.
    • Students will not be asked to take quizzes or tests.
    • We realize that not everyone has reliable internet service, and that is why we are providing the memory sticks. Please keep these safe, as we will need to “swap” memory sticks when providing materials in the future.
    • If a student absolutely needs to access the internet, we have set up the school such that students (parents) can pull up in front of the school in the bus loop, remain in their car and access the school wi-fi. We simply ask that students upload/download materials as needed and complete the work at home, as opposed to lingering in front of the school.  We are also stressing that students should stay in their cars.
    • Establish some sort of daily work routine for students that includes breaks and times for some physical activity.
    • Provide quiet spaces for children to work that are free from distractions.
    • Please feel free to reach out to teachers, counselors and administrators via e-mail if you need help or have questions. In general staff e-mail addresses follow this pattern:  Bob Miller = bmiller@eville.wnyric.org
    • If you cannot reach a teacher via e-mail, please contact my office at 699-2368 and we will help you.
    • One exception: The college level courses some students are taking through JCC, GCC and Syracuse University may have different requirements, which will be provided by your child’s teacher.

    During this time, you may also feel your child needs to speak to her/his counselor or the school psychologist.  These e-mails are:

    Tammy Eddy = teddy@eville.wnyric.org

    Dan LaCroix = dlacroix@eville.wnyric.org

    Joe Prior = jprior@eville.wnyric.org

    You may also call the school, and we will get a message to one of these people accordingly.

    Please be assured that all other student materials and belongings left at the school are safe and secure.  At this time, we do not have the capacity to retrieve personal belongings.

    We truly appreciate all of the support that you have already provided during this unprecedented time.  We are in this together and we are committed to working with you to make sure that your children remain safe as we provide meals and instructional materials.

    I will continue to try and reach out to you on a regular basis through a variety of ways.  Robo-calls, postings to the school website, posts on the newly created facebook page at Ellicottville Central School District (https://m.facebook.com/Ellicottville-Central-School-District-103028054671383/), and letters via US Mail will all be used to keep you informed. 


    Bob Miller



    Child Care Needs Survey

    If you are a parent or caregiver who needs child care, please complete this parent need for child care survey. Based on the information you provide about your job, employer, number of children, and financial need, OCFS may be able to help you find the child program you need. It may be a challenge to find child care due to COVID-19 related program closures, however the staff at OCFS are trying their best to support families to find the high quality child care that they need.


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