Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Jennifer Hasper, Health Office Assistant

Mrs. Jennifer Hasper has been an important part of the Ellicottville Central School Health Office for over 20 years!  She has a very important role with helping with the many responsibilities required of the Health Office by New York State.  Mrs. Hasper is certified in CPR, AED and First Aid.  She has also been trained by Mrs. Hager to supervise students who have proven that they know how to take their own medication.

You will hear Mrs. Hasper on the phone in the morning calling you if your child is absent and we have not received a phone call from you.  She greets all of the students every morning in the hallway with a big smile and a happy "Good Morning!".  Mrs. Hasper also helps in the lunchroom and covers the Elementary Office or teacher's rooms if needed. 

Some very important duties Mrs. Hasper helps with in the Health Office include:

     *First Aide

     *Assists students with personal care

     *Assists Mrs. Hager with screenings such as vision, hearing, physical, and scoliosis

     *Assists Mrs. Hager with clerical tasks surrounding making referrals to parents resulting from screening procedures and physical examinations

     *Assists Mrs. Hager in preparation and distribution of educational materials for students, staff, and parents

     *Selects, re-files, monitors, and records information on student records

     *Reviews pupil records to obtain selected health information (i.e. immunization statuts) for use by Mrs. Hager

     *Assists Mrs. Hager with emergencies

     *Many more tasks too numerous to mention!


As you can see, Mrs. Hasper is an integral part of our Health Office running smoothly.  We love you, Mrs. Hasper!