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    Useful Web Links:

    Useful Websites that coordinate with our curriculum:

    This website allows the students to reinforce skills and concepts taught in the classroom. Videos, interactive activities/games, and student activity worksheets are included. Check it out! It's safe and fun, too!
    The website allows your child to practice their math fluencies in the four basic operations.  Differing levels and speed enhance your child's mastery.  All students have a pin number and may log into the site at any computer site.  I-Pads work too!
    Spelling/Language Arts:

    The website allows your child to practice his/her weekly spelling lists. Students have been taught how to log into this site with our access code. E-mail me with any questions. Again, it's safe and fun, too!

    4th Grade Science Review Vocabulary
    1.) Find teachers
    2.) Click on Math & Science Kits
    3.) Click on 4th Grade Vocabulary - left side of page

    This website will allow your child to manage their vocabulary skills for our elementary science curriculum. Many slides have links to other sites that are interactive and high interest. Once again, it's safe and fun, too!

    Study Island
    Students have password

    This site helps students practice and reinforces skills.  A section dedicated to the new Common Core learning standards is included.