• Gr. 4 Suggested Reading List

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    Books we read in school:
    • Tales of the 4th Grade Nothing
    • Be a Perfect Person in Three Days
    • War w/ Grandpa
    • Toliver's Secret - social studies connection:The American Revolution
    • Voyage of the Half Moon- social studies connection:European Explorers
    • The Amazing, Impossible Erie Canal- social studies connection: Transportation in NYS During 1800s
    • The Iroquois Confederacy-social studies connection: Native Americans in NYS
    • There's an Owl in the Shower- science connection: Endangered Species/Environmental Conservation
    • Maniac Magee
    • If Your Name Was Changed At Ellis Island: social studies connection - Immigration
    • Sign of the Beaver
    • Stone Fox
    • The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
    • A collection of stories from our reading anthology
    • Thematic Units:
      • Mystery- Students read a collection of mystery novels while studying and applying the reading comprehension strategies of determining importance, questioning, and inference.
      • Author Studies- Students read a collection of novels from the same author and synthesize the stories for style, theme, and point of view.
      • Endangered Species - students select an endangered species and complete a research project using our research template and our school's mobile lab system.

    Book of the Month Selections
    September:  Student Choice
    October:  Biography I - History
    November: Biography II - Science/Math
    December: Stone Fox
    January:Top Secret
    February: Because of Winn Dixie
    March: The American Revolution in New York
    April (Spring Break):  There's an Owl in the Shower
    May: Caleb's Story
    June: Student Choice