• Purchasing A Yearbook
    There are two ways to get a book:  Fundraising or paying out of pocket
    There is one fundraiser, grades 6-12. Each item you sell gives you a $1 credit toward a the yearbook.  If you sell 30 items you get a free yearbook.

    Paying out of Pocket
    You may pre-pay for your book.  The total cost is $60 amd you need to put at least $10 down.  You will receive a receipt for each amount that you prepay. Your final receipt will say 0 owed.  You MUST retain your receipts in case there is any discrepancy.  If you don't have your receipts you will not receive your book.  If you pay with a check, make checks payable to ECS Yearbook.  The final pre-pay date is May 16th.  After that, you won't be able to purchase books until a week after they come in, if there are any left.  This gives all the students who have credit from fundraisers a chance to get a book before we sell unsold books.