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ECS Ski Club

ECS Ski Club begins on January 3, 2019


Forms are now available in the ECS School Offices and may be filled out and returned to the ECS School Office with the full payment. Online registration will be available again this year, please check with ECS Elementary and HS offices for promo code.  All checks should be made out to Win-Sum Ski Corporation. Applications not turned in to ECS will not be available for ECS Club rates. Students applying for combo passes who are not in the lesson portion of the ski program must still go through the school in order to receive the ECS combo pass rate. All combo pass pictures must be paid for in advance with the receipt initialed by Mr. Erich Ploetz. Registration for any of the plans must take place at ECS first.  Please fill out the paperwork in advance. Processing of applications will be handled in the ECS School Offices.


Program prices are:



Plan I                          $73.50            Thursday night lift and lesson with a bonus                                                                                  day in March!  (Student owned equipment)


Plan II (Ski)                $140.50         8 weekly lessons and ski equipment rental package

                                                            for Thursday Nights, with a bonus day in March!


Plan III (Board)         $140.50          8 weekly lessons and snowboard equipment rental

                                                            package for Thursday Nights, with a bonus day in



Plan IV                        $155.00          Night Combo Pass (Unlimited night skiing only.)

                                                            Includes 8 Thursday Night Lessons.

                        (Student owned equipment)



Plan V                         $212.50          Combo Pass (unlimited day and night skiing,                                                                    includes 8 Thursday Night Lessons)

(Student owned equipment)


(Unlimited Rentals are available for Skis ($83.75) and Snowboards. ($83.75)

Helmet rentals are available for 8 week programs ($14.00) and for the season. ($24.00).


Coming Up:


If any students are interested in joining a mid week three day ski trip during February Break to Stowe, VT, contact Mr. Hall by 11/28/18 (February break, preliminary cost estimate $500 which includes transportation, lodging, lift tickets, and 2 meals/day.)