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    Christopher Keenan
    H/S Social Studies Teacher
    Phone: 716-699-2316


    Global 9 information: This is the first year of a 2 year regents class. This year will cover information from pre-historic times, to the earliest civilizations, through the ancient Greeks, Romans, and early Chinese history. The course continues through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Age of Exploration.
    Global 10 information: This is the second year of a 2 year regents class. At the end of this year student will have to take a regents exam that is a 2 year comprehensive test that can be very difficult if students fail to keep up with the course work we cover.

    Grading Policy: Students will be graded in the following manner.

    Tests/Projects: 35%

    Homework: 30%

    Quizzes (open note) 25%

    Participation: 10%

    Please notice that students have 100% control over 65% of their total grade!


    Homework is not given as a punishment, but rather practice. We would not issue your child a musical instrument, tell them they have a recital in 4 weeks, but not allow them to open up the instrument case and practice with it. The same is true with their Global work, homework is practice.

    We have homework most nights. At no time will we not have homework on 2 consecutive days. Typically, the homework is for the students to READ a section from a chapter, THEN complete their notes, which are the "Key Terms" they need to write down from the classroom notes.

    2016-17 Schedule

    1st Global 9
    2nd Global 10
    3rd Prep
    4th Global 10
    5th Prep
    6th Global 9
    7th Global 10
    8th AIS/St. Hall