• Elementary Resource Room

    Welcome to the elementary resource room!  We are located right across from the elementary cafeteria, in room 157.    The resource room is the spot for students who are classified as having a disability in one or more academic areas, and need extra help.  These students all have IEPs, which are individual education plans, and these IEPs contain specific annual goals to remediate their academic weaknesses. 

    Students usually come to my room daily, in small groups, for 30 to 40 minutes. We work on the goals on their IEPs and we very frequently assess their progress towards these goals.  Students get written progress reports every 10 weeks that address their progress towards goals.

    Parents who would like to contact me can call my extension or send me an email.  If your child is in my program, I  am available during parent teacher conferences as well, and if you would like me to sit in on your child's conference, please let me know and I'll make every attempt!  Otherwise I can meet at our mutual convenience.

    Here's to a great school year, 2010-11!