• FLEX WEDNESDAYS @ Ellicottville Middle/High School

    To start the school year, FLEX WEDNESDAYS will be by invitation, where teachers and the MS/HS Principal select certain students who could use additional academic assistance for a variety of reasons.  These families will recieve a robocall on Monday evening confirming the appointment for students to arrive at their usual time.  Students/families who do not receive the Monday night robocall invitation do not need to report on Wednesday that week.

    We will not run classes or our bell schedule on FLEX WEDNESDAYS.  Instead, students will report to our large study hall area, and teachers will visit them to ensure they are up to speed with assignments and course organization.  Students may also be working in small groups with teachers if the opportunity exists.  Students will eat lunch between 11 and noon.

    Families who have the flexibility of signing their children out at a non-traditional time (preferrably after lunch) are asked to phone the main office to schedule dismissal.  Otherwise, students will remain on campus for the entire day.

    As the year progresses, FLEX WEDNESDAYS will also be used as a more firm requirement for students who are falling behind in the coursework.  We ask these students NOT be signed out early.

    If you have additional questions or would like to request your child be scheduled into FLEX WEDNESDAY, please contact Erich Ploetz, MS/HS Principal at (716) 699-2316 x1401 OR eploetz@ecsny.org.