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Sport Physical Letter to Parents

Dear Parent/Guardian of student athletes,

If your child is planning on playing a fall sport this upcoming school year it is a New York State requirement that they have on file a recent (August 2016-August2017) physical to be eligible to play.  There are several ways this can be done.

1.       If a physical has already been done from your child’s health care provider then you may request a copy and bring it to the Health Office or the doctor may fax it to the Health Office at 699-5424. Please call and let us know if we should expect a physical from their doctor.

2.       Between now and when fall practice starts you may schedule an appointment with his/her doctor to have a physical performed.  The doctor may prefer to use their own form or please find enclosed the physical and health appraisal form that the doctor can record their findings on.  On the ECS website you can also find and print the required forms.  Go to Departments and scroll to the Nurse section.  Please notify the Health Office of when their appointment is scheduled for so I can track the paperwork.

3.       If you would like your child to have a sports physical done by our Medical Director’s Physician Assistant she will be here April 26 and April 27.

Unless we hear differently from you we will have your child seen by the Physician Assistant.

Also, a urinalysis is done on every athlete to check for protein and glucose.  If your child is seen by their own doctor, please ask to have this done and recorded.  Otherwise, a urinalysis will be performed here at school.  Even though this test is not required several athletes have been diagnosed with medical conditions that have needed more follow up.

Please if you have any questions or concerns, call me.

Thank you,

Karin Hager, RN

Office (716) 699 2318 x604

Fax (716) 699 5424